_Project Loa Productions was founded in 2001. The idea of making custom movies for everyone has been a project for many years. It led to many journeys. Our team will make you the star and we will capture epic and unique moments, wether it's in your town or out of the country. We follow vacations, group trips, x-treme sports, paint ball, surfing, boating, flying, portfolios, weddings and most important we make your idea of a movie happen.

 Using some of todays' newest technology for video recording and editing, we also capture pictures of those intense and memorable moments. Our most important approach to every project is to keep the real life events that occur during the film so that the viewers understand what emotions and actions went on during the making of each film.

 Our resume and portfolio has grown through out the years. We have worked and collaborated companies from Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Hawaii, Indonesia, Panama, Nicaragua, Uruguay and U.S.A. So take the time to think for a minute, and ask yourself about the perfect event! or the perfect trip! or even if you just had  a movie idea and want to pursue that dream. Take a chance, every day will be a memory but when you have it filmed, you can re-live it over and over.